How to Buy Alias

Important How to’s

Navigating the cryptocurrency universe can be a daunting task.  We at ALIAS are always looking for better and easier ways to help you get to where you need to go.  Browse these main guides and if you have any issues, please join our Discord and head to #support channel.  We have amazing technicians who can help you along the way.

How to Buy Alias

You can buy Alias on various exchanges. Currently the exchange with the most Alias volume is SouthXchange.

Register with an Exchange

You need to access the chosen exchange’s official website and register there. Most are straight forward,  Click here to view Exchanges that currently accept Alias.  Take precautions to avoid phishing scams.

Find the Alias Listing

When you enter the exchange’s front page after registration, use the search function to find ALIAS among the listed coins and choose a suitable trading pair, i.e. ALIAS/BTC (traded for Bitcoins) ALIAS/LTC (traded for Litecoins)

Purchase and Transfer

After choosing a trading pair for Alias you will need to transfer chosen trading pair coins (LTC or BTC) to your account. Find the ‘Deposit’ option in the Wallets, Account, Portfolio, or Profile section, depending on the exchange.

Generate an Wallet Address

Take BTC for example as your coin to trade for Alias (ALIAS). You select BTC among the list of coins and tokens and the exchange will generate for you an address (wallet) to transfer your trading coins from your own wallet address or exchange account that you already control.

Choose Amount to Buy

Once you have deposited funds in your wallet, go back to the ‘Markets’ or ‘Exchange’ section to find ALIAS and choose the suitable proposition among ‘Sell Orders’ prices as well as the amount you want to buy.

Buy Alias

After you have agreed to a certain price and amount you press ‘Buy ALIAS’ and wait for the trading operation to complete. If you offer a bid below the current price, you will have to wait to see if your order gets filled. If you choose a price from the ‘Sell’ or ‘Asks’ orders, that ALIAS would appear in your ‘Balances’ immediately.

Transfer your Alias to your Alias Wallet

After that, it is highly recommended to transfer your new coins off the exchange to your Alias Wallet to secure them and receive additional ALIAS interest rewards.

Alias is a new kind of digital currency allowing you to buy, sell and exchange using your computer or mobile, offering you the freedom to send or spend it privately or publicly. It's fast and easy to use.



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