Everything you’d want to know about Alias

ALIAS is an innovative privacy-focused cryptocurrency, featuring two energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithms, anonymous staking rewards, rapid transactions, ring signatures, and stealth addresses for privacy and anonymity, and a fully integrated Tor + OBFS4 layer for IP obfuscation.

ALIAS is actively developed, with an ambitious roadmap that prioritizes privacy, security, and true decentralization along with a low-power mobile wallet with stealth staking in our upcoming Android wallet.

The project is built by a professional team and around open participation of its community members. Development is funded through an innovative staking-reward donation system and voluntary direct funding.



Alias works the same in the Americas as it does in Europe, Asia and any other region of the globe. ALIAS can be sent and spent with blazing speed and the fees that are just a fraction of the fees on the Bitcoin or Monero network.

Privacy Protected

Alias is purpose-built to achieve real transactional anonymity. Alias also comprises a unique integration of Tor to always protect your real IP when you run the software. Protecting your privacy is our core business.

No Bank? No Problem!

With so much of the world unable to safely manage their wealth in banks due to distance or not enough funds for a bank to care, cash like Alias sets into that gap and allows anyone with a mobile device or computer to safely store and earn interest on their savings.

Low Fees

Fees to send and spend Alias from your core wallet are a fraction of a "penny."  There is a dramatic savings in using Alias over other privacy coins like Monero on top of being 4x faster.

Safe & Secure

Alias gives you total control over your money with an extraordinary level of protection against malicious actors. Well established, reliable and strong cryptography secures the transactions on the Alias network.

Rewarded for Saving

Anyone running the Alias software will earn interest on their holdings. On average one could earn between 7-11% per anum. Alias has also invented a way to also allow ‘private interest’ earning. leaving no public record of your private balance or earnings.  Interest rewards are fixed at 2 Alias for PUBLIC Staking and 3 Alias for PRIVATE Staking per block plus generated fees.

Near Instant Transactions

Alias transactions are blazingly fast. The recipient will instantly notice the incoming transaction which then securely confirms in a few minutes. In comparison, Bitcoin transactions can take more than one hour to confirm.

Planet Friendly

Built on the energy efficient Proof of Stake consensus algorithm means the energy consumed to keep the Alias network secure and working is significantly less than Proof of Work coins.

Altruist Philosophy

The team working on Alias is not here to get rich, but rather to provide a safe, private solution to personal wealth management and freedom from anyone or tech that could do harm.

Self Funded

One in six (1 in 6) block rewards will be designated DCBs and will be sent to the Alias team development fund wallet. This fund will ensure a future for Alias and will enable us to pay for certain services and to hire contractors and to pay Alias core team members in ALIAS to enable them to work full time on the project. We have some long term projects and concepts to implement as seen in our road map.  These developments depend on a source of steady funding. We believe this will give us the opportunity to produce better software and will create value for investors. We currently have some very skilled developers working for us and we want to keep it that way.

Alias is a new kind of digital currency allowing you to buy, sell and exchange using your computer or mobile, offering you the freedom to send or spend it privately or publicly. It's fast and easy to use.


E: team@alias.cash

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