Development Contribution Budget (DCB)

Regarding our status as a community-driven project and for better transparency, here’s a list of all our wallet addresses together with a short explanation. If possible each address is linked with a corresponding Blockchain explorer for complete transparency.

Alias addresses

  • Official donation and DCB receiving address: SdrdWNtjD7V6BSt3EyQZKCnZDkeE28cZhr
    This address is hardcodet in the wallet and every 6th stake is transferred to this address as a so called Development Contribution Block. As this wallet has a huge amount of transactions, we setup a second wallet, to which the DCB coins were transferred in blocks at around 1k-1.2k Alias, see the next bullet point.
  • DCB staking wallet: SRwpgicAaSKmZCD772q9Em6Hz9PtRMvHkk
    This is the wallet where we collect and stake the project funds.
  • Polarity listing challenge address: SQqVfZkVJUFkUMdxUSAgSuexMN8HgkxCu1
    This address was used to collect donations for the Polarity Challenge.

Other addresses




  • 83UjdZwxHeeMkNrWoySEqDZktorVgXPd2crnPfCX2bTHA3jidsoXbn2LkeEN6PkrN9hpu18SRZcJc5gsaTVTXGE23kYsrzo