Alias is an innovative privacy-focused cryptocurrency, featuring an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm that provides rapid transaction confirmations, ring signatures for privacy and anonymity, and a fully integrated Tor+OBFS4 layer for IP obfuscation within the wallet.

Alias was born out of a desire to create a simple, borderless, private cryptocurrency; improving Bitcoin’s original idea with more robust privacy protocols and a more energy-friendly network through the use of Proof-of-Stake. Alias has a highly competent core development team comprised of a software architect and a software engineer with decades of experience. Alias aims to position itself at the forefront of the decentralised privacy revolution.

Alias Github:
White paper updated Feb 2021: Alias White Paper.pdf

Feature Tech Overview

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Alias is a secure Proof-of-Stake-v3 cryptocurrency network with real Anonymous Transaction Capability.
Alias has fully integrated Tor and all Alias nodes run as hidden services.
Alias uses ring-signatures / stealth technology to protect your privacy.
Alias has a unique ‘Proof-of-Anonymous-Stake’ staking algorithm using ring-signatures. The first to implement this.
Alias solved a well-known privacy issue affecting decoy-based currencies like Monero and Grin, by developing unique algorithms to mitigate this. (see link below)
Alias ensured the full software could run on a Raspberry Pi; providing a low-cost, eco-friendly option for those with low-powered devices.
Alias is Fast and offers Low-Cost Transaction fees confirming transactions within seconds and only costing .0001 ALIAS

Alias released a world-first for an Android app, fully-featured Proof-of-Anonymous-Stake (PoAS) allowing mobile users to earn rewards while maintaining their right to privacy. Google Play

‘Proof-of-Anonymous-Stake’ PoAS
On 17/05/2019 (17th May 2019) 2000 GMT (UTC) London, UK time the Alias network activated ‘Stealth Staking’ with a hard-fork. This activated Alias v3.x with our novel ‘Proof-of-Anonymous-Stake’ protocol. This release had been nearly 10 months in development and testing and introduced the first fully anonymous staking system on a trustless setup. In addition, there are other major changes in v3.x. The block time increased to 96 seconds and the stake reward is now fixed per block. The reward for a block staked with private ALIAS (PoAS) is 3 ALIAS. The reward for a block staked with public ALIAS (PoSv3), is 2 ALIAS. This will slightly decrease inflation over time.

Development Contribution Blocks (DCB)
One in six (1 in 6) block rewards will be a designated DCB and will be sent to the Alias team development fund wallet. This fund will ensure a future for Alias, will enable us to pay for certain services, to hire contractors and to pay Alias core team members in ALIAS to enable them to work full time on the project. We have some long-term projects and concepts to implement such as Cold Staking, DeFi integration and more innovation around privacy and mobile use. These developments depend on a source of steady funding. We believe this will give us the opportunity to produce better software and will create value for investors. We currently have some very skilled developers working for us and we want to keep it that way.

Key Privacy Technology

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Anonymous coin creation: Through the use of dual-key stealth technology Alias provides the ability to generate ‘anonymous coins’ that we simply call Private Alias that can be spent in anonymous and private transactions. Alias is a dual coin system and also comprises the ‘normal’ coin we call Public Alias that can be used in traditional transactions much like Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies.

Ring Signatures: ALIAS can be sent anonymously through implementation of ring signatures based on the Cryptonote protocol to eliminate any transaction history. The wallet offers the opportunity to transfer your balance between public and private coins. We are currently working on improving this technology to improve functionality and privacy.

‘Proof-of-Stealth’ (Anonymous Staking): Starting with Alias v3 (released on 17th May 2019) users can now stake anonymously using our unique algorithm based on PoSv3 but using ring-signatures and stealth addresses.

Built-in Tor: The Alias software offers full integration of Tor ( so that the Alias client runs as a Tor hidden service using an onion address to connect to other clients in the network. Your real IP address is therefore protected at all times.

Monero comparison:  Monero is a solid project and coin, but Alias was created to improve on its technology and has accomplished this in almost every way which makes a currency valuable and useful.  It is faster, nearly instant spends and sends.  No waiting for 2-3 minutes for confirmations.  It’s cheaper, at a fraction of a penny versus Monero which can be high fees for even low-cost transactions. It rewards its users, whereas in Monero, all rewards go to miners and it’s more private as well as offering a public spend option.  Freedom of choice as well as total user data protection.

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SouthXchange: ALIAS/BTC
Freiexchange: XSPEC/BTC 
Bisq: XSPEC/BTC (previous ticker still in use, compatible with current ALIAS wallet)

Basic Specifications

Ticker: ALIAS
Total number of coins: 27,041,000 ALIAS as of 22nd March 2021
Genesis Transaction: 20th September 2016
Algorithm: PoSv3 + PoAS (Proof-of-Anonymous-Stake)
Target block time: 96 seconds
Stake reward PoSv3: 2 Public ALIAS / block
Stake reward PoAS: 3 Private ALIAS / block
Inflation: Around 3% approaching 0% over time
Confirmations: 450 BLOCKS (Stake Rewards) 10 BLOCKS (Private Alias) 6 BLOCKS (Public Alias)
Min stake age: 12 hours
Supported platforms / OS – MS Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi