Always pushing the boundaries of innovation

Since our inception in 2016 and through some tumultuous years, the ALIAS team has delivered cutting edge privacy technology. ALIAS was the first cryptocurrency to introduce “anonymous staking” using “ring-signature” technology. The team has innovated, optimised and delivered excellent privacy software, but we will not stop there. We are always seeking to improve and innovate and build a superior user experience over all platforms. We present the roadmap for the next 1-2  years and our past work from 2016.

2021/2022 and Beyond

Privacy Improvements


  • Increase decoy sizes and reduce proof size to optimise anonymity and efficiency.


  • Update Tor on a regular basis
  • Integrate further Tor pluggable transports. We endeavour to offer a range of “plugins” to make ALIAS useful to anyone who might be in a Tor blocked country anywhere on earth.
  • Dandelion ++ will further enhance network security by adding another protocol that will hide the origin of a transaction making it even more difficult to analyse the network.
Core Software


  • ‘Cold staking’ “Delegated interest’ earning
  • Export transaction history as CSV files
  • Multi-signature capability for desktop and mobile wallets
  • Lightning Network support


  • Full node Android mobile wallet with ‘private interest’ earning.
  • Full node iOS mobile wallet with ‘private interest’ earning


  • Trezor / Ledger integration
  • Work towards integration in Coinomi and other existing mobile wallets
  • Enabling DeFi via wrapped ETH Token
Light wallet


  • Easy to use light wallet 
  • One-click “cold staking” from light wallet


    • Proactive effort to seek alliances
    • ALIAS aims to secure top tier exchanges in 2020 & 2021. Further exchange integrations and partnerships will boost liquidity for ALIAS. 
    • We are working to find merchant integration and will also start to maintain a dedicated website dedicated to all who wish to accept Alias.


      • Research models for decentralised governance
      • Research models for on-chain governance


      ALIAS Ambassadors will be essential in developing further marketing ideas, seeking adoption and new partnerships. ALIAS Ambassadors are people who believe in our vision and values. They will strive to spread the ALIAS vision, make sure ALIAS reach more potential users, investors and merchants. We are aiming to recruit 20 ALIAS Ambassadors by the end of 2020.

      • ALIAS Foundation CIC

        ALIAS Foundation CIC (Community Interest Company) is a UK registered not-for-profit company / foundation that exists to ensure the long term development and funding of the ALIAS project. Read more HERE.

      • Social media managers

        ALIAS Social Media Managers (SMMs) will ensure that ALIAS is represented over a myriad of social media platforms and ensure that our vision and updates reach the maximum number of users.

      • Secure key storage (to be discussed)

        We know that most users, experienced and newbies alike are worried about losing access to their funds. We are actively seeking solutions to this and aim to offer a “key storage service” to anyone who would need an extra safeguard.

      • Effective support system

        We recognise that users from time to time will face issues around setting up or solving issues running the software. We will establish a secure and effective support system, ensuring that you will get help quickly and with confidence.

      • Comprehensive tutorials

        We will produce a set of tutorials for all aspects of ALIAS.

      • ALIAS events

        We are looking forward to working with ALIAS ambassadors to create and arrange ALIAS events as soon as possible.

      • Alias Loyalty Program

        We will introduce the Alias Loyalty Program with a limited number of spaces available to sign up for. This will be suitable for holders and serious investors.

      2019 and Back

      DECEMBER 2019
      • Simpler client installation process
          OCTOBER 2019

          V4.1 RELEASE

          • Mnemonic Seed Words (BIP39) implemented for creation and restoration of private keys
          • Tor Hidden Service v3 implementation + minor Tor improvements
            SEPTEMBER 2019
            V4.0 HARDFORK
            • One-time 3 million XSPEC staking reward for Spectrecoin Foundation
                MAY 2019
                SPECTRECOIN STEALTH NET V3.0
                • Proof-of-Stealth (Staking of ATXO / SPECTRE)
                • Ring set size set fixed to 10
                • Major systems distribution packages
                • ATXO balancer
                • Mixin picking algorithm improvements


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                    AUGUST 2018
                    SPECTRECOIN NET V2 + CLIENT V2.0
                    • Development Contribution Blocks: Every 6th block reward is directed to a development fund
                    • Increased wallet UI stability and compatibility
                    • TESTNET support
                    • Enhancements around ATXO creation and transactions
                    • Replay protection after the fork
                      JUNE 2018
                      DESKTOP CLIENT V1.4 RELEASE
                      • Flexible GUI for easier future functionality updates
                      • Upgrade from Qt Web Kit to Qt Web Engine for easier and more consistent future GUI updates and builds


                        DECEMBER 2017
                        DESKTOP CLIENT V1.3.5 RELEASE
                        • In-client staking donations
                        • Nodelist update – no more “0 connections”
                        • Tor upgrade – latest Tor release
                        • Build system overhaul
                        AUGUST 2017
                        DESKTOP CLIENT V1.3 RELEASE
                        • OBFS4 bridge added to TOR integration
                        • Code stability improvement
                        JANUARY 2017
                        DESKTOP CLIENT V1.1 RELEASE
                        • Full Tor (The Onion Router) integration in the wallet


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                        NOVEMBER 2016

                        CO + DESKTOP CLIENT V1.0

                        • ICO held from 20 Nov 2016 – 08 Jan 2017
                        • Desktop Client Win32 final beta release

                        Alias is a new kind of digital currency allowing you to buy, sell and exchange using your computer or mobile, offering you the freedom to send or spend it privately or publicly. It's fast and easy to use.

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