Alias Loyalty Program (ALP)

Hold Alias and Earn More

The Alias Loyalty Program (ALP) is intended for patrons and investors who are looking to hold Alias over a longer period of time. This offers a range of ‘cash-back’ options when you buy a certain amount of Alias. We are seeking to partner with exchanges to offer this service. To take part you will need to register with us and there is a limit on how many we can accommodate. If you are interested please sign up from the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you when we are ready to roll out the ALP.

The qualifying conditions would be:

  • KYC check completed via ‘Trust ID’ (or another company)
  • Enroll in the ALP (Alias Loyalty Program)
    • Register a public ALIAS address
    • Register username at relevant exchange
  • Purchase the relevant amount on SOME exchange
  • Proof of purchase
  • Bonus paid out to registered ALIAS address

Example: You register with the ALP and then go to SouthX where you buy 5000 ALIAS. Send the 5000 ALIAS to your registered ALIAS address. Then fill in the ‘ALP reward’ form. Once we have verified the purchase with SouthX and the 5000 ALIAS in your address, we will pay you 7% on 5000 ALIAS into your registered ALIAS address. You will therefore receive a loyalty bonus of 350 ALIAS.

Quarterly reward option

If the participant keeps the balance above the relevant level, they earn an extra 5% every quarter. So, prove that you still have the same amount of coins or more on 1st January, 1st May, 1st September – will think about how to do that. It would mean that the participant could trade in the meantime as long as the balance was above X ALIAS on those dates for the extra bonus.


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