Alias is proud to deliver on this roadmap item and aiming to deliver official version just in time for Christmas!!
This mobile wallet is the first of it’s kind.  It’s like all the power and features of the desktop, but in the palm of your hand!

Full user data protection to send and spend as well as earning rewards 

This app uses no central server but connects directly to the Alias peer-to-peer network and it’s exclusive usage of Tor guarantees your network identity is always protected.

This full node cryptocurrency app allows you to INSTANTLY and PRIVATELY spend or send funds SAFELY to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Please be aware that the bootstrap download is over 1.6 GB of data and might lead to additional network traffic costs.
It is strongly advised to use a flat rate internet connection for the initial setup.  With any innovation, there are at times, some limitations, but we are pioneers and the Alias Devs are working on more ways to shrink the size of the syncing as well as bring other new features to the mobile experience. 


  • Android 8
  • 3 GB RAM (4GB recommended)
  • At least 4GB of free internal storage for bootstrap installation (After setup, less than 2GB is used)
  • Flat rate internet connection recommended for initial sync or bootstrap download.

Mobile features:

  • Power saving mode with hourly sync when not staking
  • Download blockchain bootstrap for fast setup
  • Reset local blockchain data if wallet has syncing problems
  • Create new wallet with seed words
  • Recover wallet from seed word
  • Import private keys from existing wallet.dat file
  • Backup wallet.dat
  • Send coins publicly or privately
  • Receive coins publicly or privately
  • Transfer coins from public to private balance and vice versa
  • Stake public or private coins and earn rewards
  • Integrated blockchain explorer

Missing desktop features:

  • Coin-control dialog
  • Debug dialog

Some Known issues:

  • For bootstrap download, a stable internet connection without network drops or changes is required. Bootstrap download is split into chunks of 50M. So if the internet connection fails, it can be restarted after the last successfully downloaded 50M chunk.
  • Syncing the complete blockchain from scratch without bootstrap might take days
  • Blockchain rescan after wallet recovery from seed words can take multiple hours, it is recommended to import an existing wallet.dat

Please join our discord to offer edits, bugs that need squashing and any other issues.  We will collect new feature requests, but at this time, just want to see this world’s first wallet stable and active! This is yet another first for Alais as they continue to pioneer in the privacy and proof of stake technology.  The projects goal is to create user-friendly currency to help all manage their wealth with superior user data protection.