The main activity over the last few weeks has, of course, been related to the re-brand. There has been an enormous amount of work around this project. The team has been re-designing the wallet with the new name, icons, colours, and so on. The team also made significant improvements to the Android wallet. We have also integrated a new and more efficient tip bot in our Discord server. We are also working on fleshing out the roadmap with some more details and progress indicators. We can now reveal the date for the launch of the re-branded and evolved Spectrecoin. This will be the last newsletter for Spectrecoin, the next newsletter will be under the new branding as we look towards the future.

The official reveal date is 1st October 2020. We will reveal the new wallet, new website, and all the associated artwork and updated roadmap and vision for the future. There will be new social media channels and some new team members. This has been a long time coming but as you all know we are a small team. We have been working closely with Rhubarb Media and we can now say that Chad (@Rhubarbarian on Discord) has also joined the team. He has been working hard on all things web, media, and graphics. Chad will spearhead the effort to get the new ambassador program going and also help to organize our output on various social media platforms. We, therefore, expect to hire both brand ambassadors and social media managers over the coming weeks. This will greatly increase our exposure.

The development team are making great progress on the mobile wallet; a world-first, fully-featured privacy suite with anonymous staking. The mobile wallet is in the final stages with fine-tuning and testing. We have now also integrated an automatic download of the bootstrap/blockchain on the first installation to make it quick to get it up and running. All the design work on the new desktop wallet can now also be transferred to mobile meaning a streamlined set of products. We will endeavour to extent support to further platforms in the future.

We now have a new tip bot ( in our Discord server. If you haven’t already joined our Discord server ( do it now and come join us for the very latest updates, discussion and get some free coins when we drop Spectrecoin in the #xspec-general-discussion-💬 on a regular basis. You can also find the #tip-bot-commands channel for more information on how to use the bot. Also, see below:

We now support CentOS 8 which is another major Linux distribution and we also update the list of currently supported distributions. So with the next release, we deliver binaries for CentOS 8 together with the already supported distributions Debian Stretch and Buster. Additionally, we will update the Fedora binaries to Fedora 32 and add the binaries for Ubuntu 20.04. Ubuntu 19.x will no longer be supported as it’s end of life.

We have revised and updated the roadmap which will be revealed in full on 1st October 2020. We have now included web payment provider integration on the road map with high priority after the mobile wallet has been released. There will be a strong focus on getting Spectrecoin useful and also gain wider adoption. Expect plans for further privacy enhancements and features.

All the best from the Spectrecoin Core Team!
Stay Safe, Stay Private, be free!