Welcome to the June 2020 newsletter! We are super excited to announce that we have finally agreed on a new name for the upcoming brand evolution of Spectrecoin. We are also making some serious progress on getting the full mobile wallet completed and released. In the last week, we also partnered with a well known custodial staking provider. The privacy revolution is at our doorstep, and we will be leading the field. Keep watching this space.

What’s new

  • Brand evolution
  • Mobile wallet
  • Custodial PoS wallet partnership

Spectrecoin rose from a place of underground sensibilities and initially appealed to a rather small crowd of crypto geeks and privacy supporters. Since its inception, as the project matured and evolved, it attracted a team of highly skilled professional developers. During this time, it also attracted a more diverse crowd. It further piqued the interest of many more as privacy issues came to the forefront of the global online consciousness. Spectrecoin, therefore, is now making a serious move towards more mainstream recognition and influence.

Spectrecoin will always continue to endorse the moral importance, freedom and autonomy of the individual. The team believes in protecting a fundamental right to privacy while also offering transparency with optional public transactions. To better represent our future vision and product appeal, we are going through with a brand evolution. The new proper branding will better reflect what Spectrecoin seeks to communicate, achieve and will better enable Spectrecoin to fight the stigma unfairly attached to privacy projects. We are delighted to say that the first part of this process has now come to an end.

We did extensive research, we gathered a lot of feedback, we collaborated with different parties, and in the end, we chose a new name for Spectrecoin. We are now hard at work with the branding, website and marketing strategy. We will reveal more over the next few weeks. You’re part of this amazing journey with us and we hope you are as excited as we are for the next level!

Spectrecoin core has been running on Android for quite some time, and in May we managed to cross-compile the complete Wallet, running it with existing UI on Android. Unfortunately, to realize our vision of the full-node App, Spectrecoin core needs to run in a separate process from the UI, making it possible to run Spectrecoin Core as Android Service. Implementing the android service was not difficult, but now we need to implement remote communication between Core and UI. Which is what we are currently doing and will take some time.