ALiWa Test Challenge – 17th November

Hi Aliasers!

We’re close to release the Alias Light Wallet better known as ALiWa.
To make sure there are no serious bugs and for optimum user experience, we release a TESTNET version for testing.
Up to ten testers can participate starting on 17th November 2021 at 20pm GMT (Greenwich time)

  • 7 x Windows
  • 2 x Mac OS
  • 1 x Linux
  • or 1 x Windows or Mac OS tester if we find no Linux testers

100 Alias – For the first ten testers

  1. Go into the #aliwa-testing channel on our discord
  2. Ask for testing Windows / Mac OS / Linux (deb + rpm)
  3. Wait until you get a reply that you can participate (only the first ten)
  4. After the reply you’ve three days to do the following:
  5. Download, install and open the wallet
  6. In #aliwa-testing: post your test-address and add a screenshot from your wallet
  7. You’ll receive TEST coins
  8. Send a transaction to tACpKg7YMNn1AZa3eq7GtkB1DUMBA6FrJc
  9. In #aliwa-testing: Tell us your Alias address (MAINNET)
  10. You get 100 ALIAS!!!

Twitter Social Reward +100 Alias

If you have completed the ten steps above you can get another 100 Alias if:

  1. You have a twitter account with at least 500 followers
  2. You’ll need to retweet two tweets about the LATOKEN listing and the ALiWA release
  3. (These two tweets will be available at the end of November)

Find a Bug

If you find a serious bug you also might get some Alias, even without having followed any of the steps above.