Hello, Dynamicreator alias @spectrocium here!

The Alias Light wallet better known as ALiWa is finally ready for testing on all three major desktop platforms – incl. 32bit windows! Getting there took me half a year of hard work but I think it really shows off.

What can you do with ALiWa?

In case you are already using the Alias core wallet, it is not much besides restoring from Seed within seconds rather than hours or days in case you only have the seed words for recovering. On top of that, it fully syncs from less than a second to max. 3 seconds. Depending on your internet connection and computer. Which could be described as almost instant. The primary reason I created ALiWa was to make it really easy and fast for newcomers and traders to use Alias. Crypto traders and holders nowadays normally have multiple currencies to manage. Installing and keeping up to date all assets can be a lot of work not to mention the bloating on the disk drive when you use a full node. Another problem is high traffic for users with low internet connections. A light wallet makes things easier here.


Of course, the best solution to do that would be an integration to a multi-currency wallet like Exodus, Atomic Wallet, Coinomi or Jaxx. This is something we still should look forward to in the future to increase the overall adoption. But what these solutions lack is transparency and privacy – which is something very important to Aliasers 😉 With ALiWa not just the wallet is open source but also the server. Plus you can set up your own server! And thanks to @Helix this can be done now really easy with docker! That said, ALiWa runs entirely over Tor, which sets it apart from other light wallets as well and gives a little privacy despite only public transactions are possible at the moment. On top of that Tor is not a must. In countries where Tor is restricted, people can still use Alias when connecting ALiWa to a clear net server! We have not set up one yet, but if the need should arise we could do that any time.

Some key features of ALiWa

+ Wallet is always ready to send and receive
+ Almost instant syncing (1 to ~3 seconds max.)
+ Uses TOR to hide the IP address of the user
+ Wallet can be fully encrypted (AES 256)
+ Brute-force protection of the password with Argon2id
+ Transactions can be seen instantly because the server supports mempool
+ Instant recovery from Seed
+ Seed is fully compatible with Alias Core wallet
+ Small footprint on disk space
+ Low internet traffic suitable for slow connections
+ Brings Alias to regions where Tor is restricted

– No private transactions at the moment
– Can not stake

ALiWa Mobile

ALiWa was planned from the beginning to be available for all relevant platforms both desktop (Windows Mac OS and Linux) and mobile (Android and iOS – > iPhone). If you are curious: The desktop side is built with electron.js and on the mobile side we have Cordova. That helped me to choose the right software architecture from the beginning so that I’m now able to migrate the code with relatively low effort to Cordova. At the moment there exists already an experimental mobile android version passed to @Helix for a quick test. So far everything is working with just a few small issues which will be fixed in the coming weeks.

The main problem at the moment is to get tor running on android, but it was already shown with the Alias Mobile Wallet that it is possible.  With iOS I’m currently not so sure if we can do it. The worst case would mean that ALiWa on iOS would have to be connected to SSL clear net server. But let’s see what the future brings!