After a long time since the last wallet version, we’re excited to offer the next Alias release! With this version we present mostly UI improvements. Have a look at the release notes below, filled up with some additional explanations and download the latest reals today!  Join us in Discord to share any bugs or comments!

Update 2021-09-05: Android Bugfix Release 4.4.1

After spotting some mobile app crashes on Android version 10 and below, we’re released bugfix version 4.4.1 of the mobile app. Here are the dedicated mobile release notes:

  • Downgrade used Boost version to 1.73 as 1.75 the app is crashing on Android 10 and below
  • Updated Tor to

4.4.0 Release Notes –  Sept 1, 2021

  • #14 Localization of the main wallet
    The localization functionality was fixed in general and a nice community of translators was set up. So the wallet itself is fully translated into the following languages:
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
      If you’re fluent in any other language and you like to bring your know-how into a nice community-driven project, feel free to contact us! All help and support are welcome.
  • Localization of installer and Shell-UI
  • #280 Fixed cmdline option -help (-h)
    The cmdline option `-help` was not working, so one was unable to checkout the overall list of available options at all.
  • Update of Fedora build to Fedora 33
    The Fedora build system was updated to Fedora 33, based on the official Fedora Docker image.
  • Update of minimal Mac version to 10.14 (Mojave)
    On Mac system, we spot an increasing amount of blockers or at least difficult issues if the wallet should be backwards compatible to macOS versions older than Mojave. So the decision was made to lift the minimal macOS version to 10.14.
  • Update used Boost version to 1.75.0
    As we build the Boost binaries for the Linux wallets during the build, the used Boost version was updated to 1.75 to be as close as possible to the wallets for other operating systems.
  • Replaced old Tor v2 seednode addresses with new v3 addresses.
    This replaces outdated protocols in the Tor network, greatly improving the security/privacy of ALIAS transactions. For details see v2 deprecation timeline.
  • #3 32Bit Windows (x86) version available now
    That’s a huge improvement especially for the LATAM community, where x86 aka 32Bit Windows systems are still used a lot. Until now the Windows version was only available for 64Bit systems but with the release 4.4.0 we managed to build also for 32Bit systems.
  • #27 Fixed thread safety issue which leads to wallet crash during heavy load on the RPC interface. Thx @Gandalf for the finding!
    During the last weeks we spot an increasing amount of wallet crashes especially on our Block explorer. Thanks to our member Gandalf the issue could be fixed with a very small code change. After all it looks like a build setting, which was lost during the migration to CMake as build system.

Download Version 4.4 Below!