Play For Good Challenge: Retrogaming for the common good.

For 1 month, at, young and old can try to become champions of one of the most famous online games. Challengers of a new kind: their “Flappy-Bird” will fly to the aid of a charity that they have chosen to represent, and can, if they wish, donate to support the charity also in real life!

  • Register and play as a Solidarity Flappy Bird for free
  • Overcome as many obstacles as possible and increase your ranking
  • Play For Good: you are free to donate to one of the charity

Why is Alias involved ?

Puls Impact values privacy and education and we wanted to offer people the opportunity to jump into one of the most trusted privacy-oriented crypto projects. Since the Alias team is composed of trusted members with an altruistic outlook on why they do what they do, we know that our community won’t be disappointed!

Adoption & Education combined with Entertainment is key for crypto to become mass adopted.

Why these associations?

As if the health issues today were not already an ordeal, for the most disadvantaged, winter is fast approaching and many find themselves homeless; some who have struggled for a long time, but also the new ones who have lost everything due to the COVID pandemic.

It seemed obvious to support the associations which will work every winter day to help these most destitute with access to shelter.

It is for these reasons that we have decided to put our skills and passions for the benefit of the following charities.

The Foyer Notre Dame des Sans Abri

For 70 years, the FNDSA has been helping isolated people and families in very great difficulty, with multiple realities and suffering: homeless people, people victims of violence, isolated men in mental suffering, long-term unemployed, wandering young people, single-parent families with very young children, migrants with or without papers.
Read more about this charity

Habitat & Humanisme

For more than 30 years, to respond to the exclusion and isolation of people in difficulty, Habitat & Humanisme has acted in favor of housing, integration, and the creation of social links. Resolutely turned towards innovation, the movement has developed tools at the crossroads of the economy and society.
Read more about this charity


In the street, it is the isolation that dehumanizes. To promote meetings and create social links, the Entourage community (made up of neighbors, traders, associations, and homeless people themselves) is organized via an interactive map that centralizes all the solidarity actions underway in each neighborhood.
Read more about this charity


Why Flappy-Bird?

Video games are the favourite pastime of the French, bringing good humor and giving a smile: and if it could have a social impact and give a smile to those who are having a hard time, though donations and awareness we saw a win/win. 

Flappy-Bird is one of those games, capable of bringing people together around a common cause: it is transgenerational, easy, quick to play, competitive, addictive, etc.

What is the campaign objective?

With this initiative, our hearts speak, those of charity vibrate, and we hope to be able to warm as much as possible the hearts of those who suffer. The objective will be the one that citizens, players, and donors can decide.

Regional focus: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland. The ad campaign is in Lyon, France.

See images of Subway ad campaign in Lyon, France marketing the innitiative with Alias logo as a sponsor!

Très bon!


How can you contribute as an Alias community member?

We are starting a donation campaign here in our community.

PlayforGood Alias Donation Address: SUmgyz8oM3oe264VmFLjgntTfHKVz7A7Ho

Every coin raised with be distributed to the TOP 5 winners at the end of the Play For Good Challenge.

Then @Brobrowniz, our French Ambassador, will invite them in our Discord so they can claim their reward and interact with the project without any financial stress, only fun & adoption!

Get Ready !

Flappy flight to all 😉

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