Adoption starts with great tech (check!) and tools (check!) and then you make it accessible.

Alias’s goal is to be a common currency – to see it get used every day for goods and services!  To ONLY trade and HODL is not acceptable.  So, in our efforts to help with this vision we’ve embarked on a few initiatives to bringing Alias to mainstream, everyday use!  As cryptos first project to introduce a total user data protected mobile, this is the next obvious step in Alias’s pursuit of mass adoption. Merchants need a cryptocurrency that is fast, easy to use, has low fees and rewards it’s users via staking!

We will add your store to our site with links and push out some social promo for more exposure.

If you are a merchant please look into using Cryptocurrency Checkout and its numerous integrations made available for Alias transactions!  See links below. 

As an Alias Merchant, we will send you any digital assets (ALIAS Accepted buttons) window stickers, or point of sale tools as well as some Alias for the first 20 adoptor merchants to get your wallet started!  Join our Discord to see if you qualify!

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