We are excited to offer the next version of our innovative core wallet!  Same innovative technology offering total user data protection of your IP, spend, send and staking activity, with a number of UI/UX and bug fix updates.

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4.3.1 Release Notes –  2020-12-08

  • Update to Qt 5.12.10 (Mac)
  • #227 On startup, always require a password if wallet is encrypted.
  • SetupWalletWizard
    • Encryption of wallet.dat is now part of the wizard and mandatory.
    • #248 Added password verification field next to password.
  • RPC method listsinceblock: add attribute vout for public outputs
  • UI changes:
    • Increase icon size of buttons in send page.
    • Default select first address in addressbook and receive addresses.(Fixes invalid QR code.)
    • Fix: make sure address is selected when clicking in the detail row.(Ensure right address is picked for QR code.)
    • Fix: address lookup in addressbook on address paste.
  • Refactored the whole build to CMake as basement.
    • For all supported operating systems, there are corresponding helper scripts on scripts/cmake-build*.
    • All Linux binaries now have Tor and Qt as the only dependencies. All other components are compiled right into the binaries.
  • Added build for OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
  • Switched to ARMv8 on Raspberry Pi binaries. That means Raspberry Pi is migrated from 32Bit to 64Bit, which also means a complete new setup of
    the Raspberry Pi is required.