We are still super excited about the upcoming brand evolution of Spectrecoin. Naturally, over the last month, the majority of the work has been around branding and marketing. The newsletter this month, therefore, reflects this fact. We will try to explain a bit about what has been happening behind the scenes and give some insight into the branding process. Our developers are also making earnest progress on getting the full mobile wallet completed and ready. However, we expect the completion of the branding process before the mobile wallet is ready for general release. Therefore, at the moment, it seems likely that we will release the mobile wallet under our new name. The privacy revolution is happening. We might be a small project, but we will be seen and heard. Keep watching this space; ignore us at your peril!

“The best way to predict the future is to implement it.”


If you think it’s been a bit quiet around our social media servers over the last month, you’d be happy to know that this is reflected in increased activity behind the scenes. We have all been hard at work with our marketing partner to fine-tune our new brand and image. We are absolutely confident that you will be very pleased with the end result. In an effort to give you some insight into why this is taking time, consider some of the things we need to complete in order to be ready for the launch. This is not an exhaustive list and just highlights some of the work we are doing behind the scenes.

  • After long discussions, we have agreed on a new name for the project, Waitforit!
  • We have a new original logo and we have agreed on a new colour scheme.
  • We need to re-write all the text and documents for the website. We are working hard to ‘translate‘ what was tech-heavy web content to ‘human speak‘. We believe that it is vital to have plain, simple, and non-tech content to appeal to a wider public.
  • We need to update and edit the White-Paper and other documents.
  • We need to update and re-skin the wallet, update thousands of things on GitHub and other resources.
  • We need to work with all exchange partners and others like Coinmarketcap to make sure all the information is up to date.
  • We are working on updating and adding social media accounts. We will be adding further social media accounts, such as Instagram and YouTube.
  • We are planning the strategy for the launch and the subsequent marketing campaign.

Given that the branding process goes far beyond a mere re-skinning of the wallet and website, it is near enough approaching a re-launch of one of the best privacy cryptos in the market. We hope you appreciate all that goes into this process and that you will all have a bit more patience and we will deliver something worth the wait.

The brand new, fully-featured Android wallet is working and running on our developer’s handsets for testing and further work. Below you can see some screenshots of the full wallet running on an Android handset. We believe this is a truly unique product and the only available mobile wallet with private staking. As mentioned above, this app is likely to be released under our new name in quarter four this year. There is still a lot of work to do before it’s ready for release. Testing and development continue.

Screenshots from our developers test Android handset

The mobile wallet will run as a background process and do not need to be left open. You will just need to start the wallet software and unlock it for staking, and you will earn as long as you keep your handset powered on. What we have seen so far in terms of performance and battery consumption have been very positive. If you are keen on trying the mobile wallet, please join our Discord server and keep an eye out for the public beta when that gets released.

Screenshots from our developers test Android handset

As part of the Spectrecoin branding, we will outline a better, more detailed and extensive road-map that better showcase where we are going. We will not commit to any exact deadlines but rather let the development progress organically at this stage. We will publish the full detailed road-map as part of the brand launch. It is useful to remember that we already have a fully functional product. We can reveal some of what is to come, but we need to keep a few surprises for later.

Core Software

  • Full node Android mobile wallet with ‘private interest’ earning.
  • Full node iOS mobile wallet with ‘private interest’ earning.
  • Integrate further TOR pluggable transports
    • We will continue to improve our superior network security and research possible improvement. We endeavour to offer a range of “plugins” to make Spectrecoin useful anywhere on earth.
  • Dandelion + will be considered to achieve even better network security.
  • Cold staking
    • We will implement ‘Secure Offline Interest‘. Once this feature has been rolled out you will be able to use either a dedicated server or delegate running the Spectrecoin software to someone else. You can then earn interest whilst keeping your coins offline and secure.
  • You are viewing the source code. Sneaky. Sorry, you need to wait to find out!
  • Did you really think we didn’t consider ‘developer’ mode?
  • You are viewing the source code. Sneaky. More cool features to come!
  • You are viewing the source code. More cool features to come. We can’t tell you yet.
  • Work towards integration with Coinomi and other existing mobile wallets.


  • Ambassadors
    • Ambassadors will be essential in developing further marketing idea, seeking adoption and new partnerships. Ambassadors are people who believe in our vision and values. They will strive to spread the Spectrecoin vision, make sure Spectrecoin reach more potential users, investors and merchants. We are aiming to recruit 20 Spectrecoin Ambassadors by the end of 2020.
  • Social media managers
    • Social Media Managers (SMMs) will ensure that we are represented over a myriad of social media platforms and ensure that our vision and updates reach the maximum number of users.
  • Effective support system
    • We recognise that users from time to time will face issues around setting up or solving issues running the software. We will establish a secure and effective support system, ensuring that you will get help quickly and with confidence.
  • Comprehensive tutorials
    • We will produce a set of tutorials for all aspects of Spectrecoin.
  • Spectrecoin (to be announced)
    • You are viewing the source code. Sneaky. We are looking forward to announcing Spectrecoin features and events as soon as possible.
  • Spectrecoin (to be announced)
    • You are viewing the source code. Sneaky. We will introduce the Spectrecoin xxxxxx (Follow our updates for more details).